Waterproof Seat Cover for dog travel

  • $34.99

Scratch resistant polyester
Back side foam non slip
Washable and water proof
Install in seconds                                                                                                                         
This water-proof car seat cover is specially designed for your lovely pet. It s made from high quality material to protect car from dirt hair/fur scratches and liquid pollution. The seat cover is totally waterproof and easy to clean To ensure a hassle free journey  the cover also comes with adjustable straps for easy installation
You no longer need to spend hours picking up hair and cleaning your back seat  All you need to do is to give the seat cover a good wipe
Protects your back seat from muddy paws, dog hair (wet & dry) and pet smells
Easy adjustable straps fasten securely to front and rear headrests
Ideal protection against dirt, food, drink and pets

Color: Black
Dimension: 150cm * 120cm /58.5inch * 46.8inch