Sunbath Cat Bed Mount Window Kitty Hammock With Look Out Bubble Pod

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Window-Mounted Cat Bed Bubble Pod老鼠床 ​
🐈​Is your cat always searching for a view outside or a warm place in the sun? 
Window-Mounted Cat Bed Bubble Pod🐈​​The Sunbath Cat Bed provides your cat a front row view of nature, weather, people and more without taking up valuable floor space. Window-Mounted Cat Bed Bubble Pod
Window-Mounted Cat Bed Bubble Pod🐈​​Perfect for cats that like to bask in the warm sun or active cats that desire a high vantage point. Helps reduce separation anxiety and keep messy hair off of your furniture. 
Window-Mounted Cat Bed Bubble Pod🐈​​Installs in seconds to glass windows and doors and features industrial strength suction cups that hold up to an amazing 50 pounds! 
Great for multiple cat households!
🐈​​Suitable: stainless steel, glass, mirrors, refrigerators, and other materials of various smooth impermeable surfaces.
Window-Mounted Cat Bed Bubble Pod
​Condition: 100% Brand New
​Material: EVA,oxford
Quantity: 1pcs
Size:(Approx) Size: 73*35*15cm /28.74*13.78*5.90 inch

Package include:
1X Cat Hammock Bed
3X Suction Cups
Window-Mounted Cat Bed Bubble PodWindow-Mounted Cat Bed Bubble Pod