Interactive Plush Squeaky Dog Toys, Electronic Motion Pet Toy

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Mouse bed

🔹Eliminate Boredom, making your lovely dog enjoy itself, reduce destructive behavior and keep your home clean.
🔹Fashion Electronic dog toy
🔹Cute Look: Lovely nontoxic plush cover with a ball device inside. Variety of cover to choose from.

🔹Auto bounce and squeak
🔹Draw the pet's attention


🔹Shipping Weight: Around 6 ounces
🔹Auto Bounce And Squeak: The ball will auto makes sounds and in shaking motion for 20 sec when turn on. And activate again by aggressively shaking.
🔹Fascinates Your Dogs: The bounce and squeaky motor pattern mitating a live prey. Makes dogs extremely excited to chase and bite. Satisfy natural hunting instinct.

🔹Eco-friendly ABS and non-toxic material.
🔹Easy to use:
1. Open the velcro of plush cover, take out the ball device.
2. Remove the insulating strip.
3. Press the button and shake aggressively to activate the device. (If it doesn't activate press the botton and shake again).
4. Put the ball back into the plus cover.
5. The ball will jump and squeak and activateautomatic stop after 20 sec.

🔹Endless fun: 3 AAA battery (included), battery replaceable, providing the lovely dog with endless fun.
🔹TIP: Replace batteries more efficiently as follows.