Cat Laser Toy, 2 in 1 Auto-rotating Light&Feather Non-handheld Cat Toy

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🔹The 360-degree non-directional rotation design stimulates the natural instinct butterfly of the cat hunting, and it is more interesting to rotate.
🔹The LED laser module is safe and harmless. The bottom is non-slip design, and the cat is more fun.

🔹Repel Pet Irritability: Prevent unnecessary destructive behavior from your cute cat due to boredom or anxiety.




🔹Product Dimensions: 7.0 x 7.0 x 6.7 inches
🔹Color: White
🔹Easy To Install: You are just supposed to align the bayonet of the upper and down part, splice and rotate.

🔹USB Convenient Charger: We provide a USB cable, so it is convenient for charging.You needn't replace new batteries and only needs to be charged via the included USB charging cable.As long as it is full of charge, the cat can enjoy the endless fun.

🔹4 Modes For Automatic Rotating: The laser toy can be set for 4 different speed of playtime named Slow, Medium, Fast and Random. So, your puppy can find out the perfect pace helps your cat keep fit while having fun.

🔹Cat Interactive Toy:The auto-rotating cat feather and light help your cat relieve their stress, reduce the destructive behavior. No extra help required, all you have to do is open the ball to play and close when your pet finishes the game.


🔹Safety Assurance: The red colour indicator is really soft and doesn't even hamper the eyes of your pet or yourself. There not be noisy anymore at the time playing or doing exercises of the dogs and cats. Moreover, it is durable.

🔹Multi-form activation: When your pet is tired of soft red and black feathers, you can use a variety of other accessories to continue playing.